Rosie began pole dancing, aerial hoop, trapeze and aerial silks as a hobby whilst at university studying English Literature. In her studies, through producing art and life modelling she began to explore her interest in the gaze, sex/ power relations, capitalism and gender studies.

After graduating she moved to London with the intention of working as a journalist, but loved pole dancing and working in lingerie boutiques too much to follow this through.

During her employment with couture latex designer Atsuko Kudo she realised that she wanted to design and make lingerie for herself and for performers. Around this time she also began working as a striptease artist, teaching beginners pole dancing classes and running her own non- profit life drawing class. She was introduced to Stacey Clare through mutual friends and shared the vision of strip clubs as sex positive environments run by pro- choice feminists.

At the Art of Stripping festival Rosie launched her brand Rosie von Boschan with a theatrical catwalk show using pole dancers, strippers, circus and fire performers in the place of conventional models.